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Full Version: small pedicure chairs?
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Hi there, i am in a very tight space for a booth and was curious if any of you knew of any small pedicure chairs out there? Thanks
You may want to look into a Footsiebath, and you could pretty much play around with your actual chair options from there...just a thought ,since I run my business from home ,as well as at a salon where I booth rent. At home I put my leather love seat up on pallets, which I covered up ,and use my footsiebath. My clients that need me to accomodate any physical limitations ,are done by sitting in my client chair, a big leather office chair, and I set my footsiebath in front of them ,and turn my pedi cart around so their feet come up into my lap ,sort of...just throwing out ideas ,because I had no clue ,and just tried different things until I worked it out...sorry so long ,hope to help...Smile
I just took a trip down to an Ikea and purchased 2 chairs they are great and just ordered 2 footsie baths can't wait to try them out. I loved Ikea they are great for small spaces,