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Full Version: California State Board
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Had California State Board come into salon (I was not present) was told that the lady took some random pictures including my station. Can anyone tell me if they have had this procedure done at their salon. The lady told one of the girls that she is not authorized to say what rules were not in order. The physical taking of pictures makes me nervous. I am real conscious about my station. Thanks for any input......
Hi, I usually just lurk around here, but I thought I would come out of the woodwork to share...

State Board came into the salon a few months ago, when I was off for the week. (Truth be told, I don't have many clients and the salon isn't busy with walk-ins so "was off" actually means I didn't have any clients lol)

The girls said that they took pictures of my station, inside my cabinets and drawers. I'm pretty anal about my station, set-up, cleanliness, and doing everything I need to do to be up to code. The one thing that worried me was that I didn't have any quats in my my jar because I had washed it out when I left and didn't refill it cause I wasn't going to be there. So one of the girls said, "Hey, you have to have quats in your jar all the time." Which I knew, but I was trying to be sensible and not wasteful.

A couple of the girls also said that the biggest issue throughout the salon was labeling. But I didn't worry about that because I love using my label machine thingy, so I have everything and its momma labeled lol. Even after they said that, I still went through my stuff to check that everything was labeled.

So some of the other girls received their fines about a month or so later (maybe longer) but I wasn't getting anything so I called state board. They said that because I wasn't there, I wouldn't receive any fines. But if there were an issue, then the owner would receive the fine. The only fine the owner ended up getting was because of a stylist that had hair in her brushes.

Hope my little tale sets your mind at ease Smile Anna
Thank you Anna for posting and taking the time I appreciate it.... The labeling part HOPEFULLY wont be a problem. I have 4 - 4 drawers with various stuff .. Have a great week :0)