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Full Version: Have no clue how to use LED Nail Harmony Lamp
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Bought a used LED Nail Harmony lamp and have been playing around with the times.
How long for Gelish(SOG)
How long for LCN gel?
Thank you!
ps. Is it dangerous to look at the light when on? I have been trying to keep my head turned to the side when on.

You might find some directions on the Hand & Nail Harmony website.
Which lamp do you have? They have like 3-4 versions now. Gelish should be Base 10 seconds, each coat after that, 30 seconds. I have no idea about LCN.
Thanks, it is the 45 watt. I just don't feel like 30 seconds is enough. WHen I use the CND lamp it is 10 sec base, 2 min each coat.
I have the Gelish 18G LED lamp. You cure the base for 5 seconds the rest for 30 seconds. It's a shorter cure time due to the lamp being LED. I don't use LCN so I can't help you with that.
Sorry, forgot to post that you shouldn't be looking at the light when it's on.
I was told LCN is a 1 min cure.
I have done his & it seems to work well when I use my LCN gels

I have the 9G & it is
10 sec base
30-40 sec color
30 sec top coat
Hello Ladies,

With our 6G light Foundation cures in 10 sec, sheer colors for 20 sec. and all colors and Top it Off cure in 30 sec.

The new 18G cures Foundation in 5 sec. All other timings are the same.

30 seconds is enough. LED lights cure faster. The reason you cured for 2 min in CND's lamp is because it's traditional UV. And overcuring, particularly base, will lead to service breakdown.

LCN will only cure in the gels are LED compatible. Check with them for with that.
Oh and yes, please do not look in to the light. You will see spots LOL
I just took an LCN class yesterday. All their gels are LED curable in 30 seconds, including the base coat.
(05-22-2012, 08:44 AM)harmonysky Wrote: [ -> ]I just took an LCN class yesterday. All their gels are LED curable in 30 seconds, including the base coat.

Does that go for ALL the LCN gels when not using their LED lamp?
I was told by a LCN rep it was 60 sec cure in other non LCN LED lights
I use Base Coat, Structure, Dermique & One Componant the top coats.


Well, the educator (I didn't get her name) said that it didn't matter what brand the LED was. I just did a fill on one of my gel clients tonight and I used my Young Nails LED and everything cured in 30 seconds. I'm using base coat, Comiq and a top coat. I had no problems! Maybe your educator was wanting you to purchase the LCN LED light.