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Full Version: Soaking feet before gel polish??
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I was wondering if it is ok to soak feet, do the filing, cuticles and soles, then do the gel polish, and lastly peeling and cream??? I know most do the soaking after the gel polish...what do you think?
I do the soak, clip, file, cuticle care. Then SOGP, then any lotions, oils and creams afterwards.
I prefer to soak after i apply gel polish, but coming of winter and people wearing boots all season, things can get a little, ummm, rank, so I have soaked, done cuticle work and then applied GP w no side effects. I usually use a dehydrator to make sure I've pulled out any additional moisture. But have not had any lifting issues.
Taking this to the next step....when someone comes in with gel polish on their you soak, then remove, then do cuticle work?
Yup, soak first. I figure the removal process will dry out the nail on its own so adhesion shouldnt be an issue. Mind you, by soak, I mean 10 min tops for both feet. I think any longer and I would def have some issues.
I have done it both ways. soak before or after and doesn't seem to make a difference for me. I actually prefer to soak before so that the nails are soft and easier to cut and the cuticles are easier to push back.