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Full Version: acrylic app or filing issue? with pic
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I apologize the pic isn't very good but am wondering if any of you can help me out... I always seem to have the same issues with lifting, wondering if it's a filing issue or maybe my acrylic application? I always lift along the side walls within a week of application. I am still very new and have been unable to find a mentor in my area. Hoping this wonderful group might offer some insight?

[Image: IMAG0296.jpg]


Have you ever tried using a curette or pterygium scraper for prep work? Once I got myself a pusher with a scraping end on it, I have not had lifting. I use blue cross cuticle remover as well. I think its better than any brand I have ever tried.
Another thought is, are you having to file a lot to smooth and shape the nail after application? Over filing can cause lifting. Use your brush to create the nail and take a little longer to do that, so when it comes to file work, your really just refining the nail.
I honestly think its prep work, we think we are very thorough but if you have never used a curette or scraper, you would be very surprised how much dead tissue is still covering the nail plate.
Fingernailfixer on facebook and youtube has a prep video that can really help with all nail coverings.
I bought a nice cuticle push/pterygium scraper and have been using it. Maybe not thoroughly enough? I even used a cuticle remover this time.... I do try to shape the nail properly with the brush during application, wondering if maybe my ratio is off as well. Need to work on that. Looking for a nail position but a bit nervous as I have a long way to go in the learning process.... Trying to fix these issues and not get frustrated. Seems school just teaches us the bare basics but doesnt really push for good quality work?...
It could be several different things, I'll throw some stuff out there, maybe something will work for you.

you may be filing too much along the side walls which causes the the natural nail to seperate from the acrylic. If you file away the acrylic to the point where you can see the natural nail, then it's possible as you're filing, to push the nat. nail inwards, breaking the bond with the acrylic. I hope that makes sense for you.

Your ratio could be too thin along the side walls, too much liquid to powder. If you're trying to maintain a thin side wall and use a thin layer of acrylic, this can happen if the mix isn't right.

You could be missing some skin along the side wall. I use a desk lamp with a magnifying glass in it for just this sort of thing. Get a magnifying glass and check the nails you just prepped. You may be surprised at what you leave behind.

We need to see a better close up of the problem. The pic is in focus but still too far away for detail. Are you able enlarge that pic anymore without pixlating the quality?
As mentioned, it's a little hard to tell by the picture, but... it looks to me like the first half of the enhancement from the free edge down is a little wide and bulky (trying to visualize where that product would have been when you first did the set), so maybe (??) you're getting the product too close to the skin and you're picking up oils if there's any skin contact when you're putting it down.
Thank you so much for the ideas =-) I want to get better but it is tough when you don't quite know what you're doing wrong. I watch alot of videos but I do better with hands on. I guess practice makes perfect?
Candice I agree they are a bit bulky, my nail beds are very short and I am a nail biter.... I have been wanting to try elongating the nail bed but haven't been brave enough yet as I have so many issues to resolve... gets to be very frustrating.
Oops, I think you misunderstood me - it appears that the product is wider than the nail bed from side to side, and so I wondered if you came into contact with the skin when you applied the product, that's what I meant by bulky. The thickness of product looks fine.

If you're a recovering nail biter with very short nail beds, then you are probably being too hard on yourself. Nails on a nail biter are not usually very healthy, plus you have to deal with the cuticles being tougher and growing up around the nail plate. If you are new and are getting a full week with no lifting that's actually not too bad. Check out the Young Nails nail biter tutorial on their website if you haven't already seen it - he gives some good tips.

To really be able to tell how your application is progressing, you need to have a couple people with healthy nails that you are practicing on and see how they do. When I was in school I practiced on a friend who had eggshell, oily nails that were quite oddly shaped, that was quite a challenge and not really the best way to see how my application lasted!
Oh I understand now candice. I had wondered that myself..... I focus on the cuticle area application not being too close but not the sidewalls. I realized that when you clarified your post. Lol. Are there any good videos showing sidewall application? I do like the young nails videos very much but really am not good at sculpting. Definately need more practice. I am a licensed newbie and really appreciate the insight.
I quite like the magnifying glass idea as well. Definately going to try that! Curious what I will find. Lol
I think I have a filing issue now from reading Donna in Huntsville's post. I always make sure my prep is great and when I first started out I never seemed to have a lifting issue at all.
I have found that the more I learn, and obviously trying to make the nails as thin as they should be (the enhancement not the nat nail), I am having the lifting issue now.

Thanks for posting and thanks for the replys

Angela xx
I feel so blessed to have so many awesome techs to talk with. I am trying to book a one on one with the local young nails distributor. I gave up once, for a year and don't want to fall into that again.... I know I can I know I can. Lol.
Watch it, then watch it again, when you think you got it? watch it again. You will see all your lifting go away if you listen and follow.