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Full Version: What do you use for doing nail art?
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I just bought some acrylic craft paint (Folk and Apple Barrel brands) to do some nail art and I don't care for it. What do all of you use for colors. I have a few of the nail stripper polishes and that works great for using the brush that comes with it. Not sure what paints to use.
Just try your paints! The moment I began using acrylic paints I will never go back to those stripers! I only use my gold and silver glitter stripers! You can use so many different brushes with acrylic paints that you cannot with stripers, also the paints never dries as with polish and the outcome is better. I have used Oumaxi but like Americana or Decorfin the best!
Check out this video. It give you some idea what you can do with acrylic paints. Watch some of her other videos too.