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Full Version: What is a good gel to use for repairing toenails?
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I have been using LCN but it is very expensive and it might just be a hype. I do like the idea that it is flexible but are there others that cost less that someone has used. I use this if someone is missing part of their toenail.
Thanks so much
Gelish LED gel seems to be pretty flexible and not too expensive. I've used Young Nails to repair toenails with, but I think the Gelish LED is a bit more flexible.
Thanks Sherri! Not sure if you remember me. I'm heading out to CA in August.

Of course I do! : ) What part of CA will you be visiting? Will you be here for vacation?
I will be visiting my friend in Studio City. I may go a day or 2 earlier than planned and visit my cousin in Van Nuys. I also could visit a friend near the San Jose airport.
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I love to you Young Nails Mani Q! I have sculpted toe nails where there were none, and it held great with it's superb flexibility. HTH
I have used LCN, Light Elegance, Young Nails, Masterworks, Akzentz on Toe restorations. I have had success with all. It depends more on the activity of the person. If it is a runner I would use a flexible gel. Most brands will have a flexible gel in their line. You can visit my FB business page: Liquid Glamour and see my album "Toe Restoration" - this is my favorite service I offer my clients.
I checked out your FB page. Beautiful art! What brand gel did you use on that toe photo? I am looking to replace the Barefoot(LCN) because it is really expensive and I am sure there is something else out there that cost less and works just as well.
I think flexible is my best bet.Nailite has a gentle gel but again, i have no clue what is good or not. I saw that there are one step gels.
Right now mine is a 3 step.
Thanks for sharing your photos and advice
Sillysoup, I sent you an email. Hope you received it....if not, I can send it again.