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Full Version: ManiQ/ Gelish
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Have any of you tried using ManiQ instead of Structure with your Gelish ? Just curious...I don't usually mix lines ,but they seem so similar ,I thought it would be worth checking it out...if so ,did it work ok ?
Hello, I used to use Mani-Q and I noticed that it was chipping, but I have no problems with Gelish base.
Handsnfeet, when you cure your Gelish ,do you have them take their hand out of the lamp as soon as you are done polishing the opposite hand even if the time is not up ? I've seen Greg Salo do this with ManiQ ,and I have done it with Gelish over acrylic no prob ,but wondered if it compromised the results on natural nails....any info ? Smile
I use a LED lamp and I can't finish polishing by the time the first hand is done in 30 seconds. But, when I was using my tunnel lamp on natural nails or hard gels I never removed their hand before the time was up.