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Full Version: Shellac chipping..
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I apply my shellac the same way I have been taught + the way I was shown from a video on their website. But I have clients who have chipping right around the free edge. Why could this be!?
I like shellac ,but find that the only clients that get fabulous wear are the ones who have strong ,hard ,non bendy performs great on toes !
I agree with Lexibunny. The first application I ever did (on my sister of course) who has really strong healthy nails, it didn't budge. I have a few clients with thinner nails and they have chipping.

Where are you guys located? I am in CO so very dry and I wonder if that affects the staying power? I just noticed that a big nail studio in my area has a disclaimer on their website about Shellac and they only guarantee it for 3 days....makes me wonder.

I really just wish there was a way to know if it is something I am doing wrong vs when it is just the client's nails/homecare as I am now nervous offering the mani service.

to reduce chipping around the free edge make sure you have brought each and every layer of the shellac right over the free edge "capping" the nail

the biggest thing for longevity is home care - regular use of Solar oil is a must and any damage outside of the salon is just that - damage..

I always make sure the customer understands this is not an 'enhancement'
Shellac is a 'power polish', not a bullet proof coating that can be used to scrape paint off the wall..

When the client has the correct mind set they will treat them with respect and even weak/thin nails will last if looked after..

I personally would never 'gaurantee' any service - but will explain it CAN last UPTO 3 weeks between changes..

I love CND Shellac. I use it on my clients with thin peeling nails. Make sure in your prep. that you use a white buffer block (lightly on the free edge to smooth out any peeling). My clients love shellac and find it helps their nails grow without breaking for 2 weeks and more!!!!. Always remember to have fresh products, I find that after 6 months i need to replace top coat, base coat and polish- if I don't I have problems with Shellac staying on client nails and alot of peeling occurs on clients.
Solotherapist, I am in Western Mass ,( The Berkshires) ,we have all kinds of crazy weather ,lol. I just think Shellac ,and most other similar products just wear better on some than others. I have gotten my gel polish manicures however to start lasting really well ,almost three weeks on people that were barely making it past 10 days. Just keep learning and plugging along ,and don't make the mistake I made of telling people it should last 14 -21 days...which I only did because that is what the companies that make the products say...Smile