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Full Version: OPI acrylic system
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For those that use OPI which acrylic do you like/use? I've heard of competition and absolute but haven't worked with either one. Being a new nail tech, what one should I go with? I like axxium gels and have worked with that product. Need to go buy acrylic product this week to practice before my interview - doing a full set!!
Just be aware that OPI is notorious for crystalizing if it is too cold....they even make a heated dappen dish because of this. It is a pain in the butt when this happens...
When I was in school last year the lady at the store told us she did not like it for the same reason
If you are going to have to go with a local beauty supply, there are usually not many choices- at least not here, other than OPI or CND. For me, when I used CND, I used Renention. Now I oreder from a couple places. The Omega from Nailite is good....Republic Nail is good, but comes from CA so takes a week to ship as does Tammy Taylor. United Nails is another good product and easy to work with- comes out of FL. I feel it al;l comes down to the time you have for ordering, shipping, and play time.
Opi is icky. Yes, that is a technical term. Tammy taylor is my favorite acrylic line, very easy to work with. Most beauty supply store carry CND though, and it's not bad stuff.
I love OPI competition been using it for 12 years, for a beginner I'd go with the absolute.
OPI Absolute is a great beginner, its not so ratio sensitive. Being in the sac valley, I don't think you need to worry about crystallization. NSI is my fav acrylic so far, but only one place in this area carries it. Absolute is easier to get your hands on.
I also love OPI. I am using it for 7 years & I think it is best for beginners.
I used to use Competition. I liked that it set up really quickly.