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Full Version: Curious....
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I was just in the State Board website looking at the disaplinary actions. For the life of me, I can not understand why so many persons think they can do nails without a license. That was what the most of the actions were for. There were some with expired licenses and shop licenses, and having a wax machine in a nail shop. Is it like this in your state? Are the inspection results available for you to see as it should be a matter of public record.
Sorry, this is one of my rants. I know techs that abide to the letter that are sitting idle while places like these are overly busy. Rant, rant, rant.Confused
They pretty much know they can get away with it ,nobody closes them down ,and rules never get enforced ,so they figure why bother to follow the rules when there is a slim chance anything will happen to is the same almost across the board no matter what state you live in.
I agree with Lexibunny-there are not enough inspecitons and state staffing is low in this area...everyone can get away with it!!!
(that is until caught) without a license.