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Full Version: Interviewing
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I haven't done nails since last November and am going in for an interview next week at a salon. I talked with the owner today and she wants me to do a full set on her as part of the interview. I am pretty nervous about it. Of course when I left my last salon in November I thought I was out for good and sold most of my product and some supplies. Now I need to practice this week so will go buy some product - acrylic and gel - not sure which she will want. My question is - what are good products to buy? I know everyone will have a favorite. Just some suggestions would be nice. I don't have a drill for the acrylics so that could be time consuming. I would also need a light for the gels. I've heard that OPI gel polish is pretty good too! Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!
My advice for your interview - use a product that you are already familiar with. An interview is not the time to be fussing around with a new product. Does this salon offer both gel and L&P? If so pick the one you are most comfortable with, and do that. If you don't know, best to call and ask before you purchase the product. Good luck Smile