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Hey everyone I am gettin bravier and trying new things,, but I am needing some guidance in the nail art department. I have bought lots of brushes but not sure how to use them all,, anyone have any good videos for me to watch on youtube or anything,, or know of a good dvd to buy for some basic techniques,,, I do flowers,, just with dotting tool and pull the dot out and make sorta petal,, and i do lines,, but i wanna do more,,, Help please,,, and Thank you!!
Yup.. I have a great idea.. Art Nails.. He is a master at hand painting simple but elegant designs.. there are 2 videos and the design library book. He uses his own "Vrush" brushes, but you can use the brushes you bought also..

go to youtube and put in Robin Moses. she is awesome and has lots of tutorials on there. she also has a facebook page. she wants to show all techs how to do nail art, she is great! good luck....Sue
and they're all free!
I second Robin Moses!
Be sure to watch the FAQs in video.