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Full Version: Never Wet Mani/Pedi w/gel polish?
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If a customer wants a mani/pedi + gel polish, am not sure how to approach it. Never soak hands/feet in water w/gel polish? Use 'wet' cuticle remover for nails with lots of cuticle or never? Should I even offer a mani or pedi with gel polish since we file, clean, remove cuticle, and apply cuticle oil for a gel polish only service? I work w/someone who is adamant that we never put anything wet on the nail bed before gel polish but have seen otherwise...either way I'll do what makes sense. thanksHuh
I know there are many techs who do use water and/or cuticle remover before doing gel polish and say it's fine. I just prefer not to. For those clients who want a pedi after we do their toes, we fill up the tub, let them soak, soften any calluses, then do the massage. It's just what works for us.
I do the same as Sherri, but I usually do a dry callus application of Blue Cross and some pads to soften the callus, then I apply lotion afterwards. I also charge $10 extra for that which makes the full sog service $45.
I do soaks with both manis and pedis and do gel polish with them. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. I know many poo-poo the mani soak and even the pedi soak, but I prefer it. I honestly don't see a negative difference either way.
thanks to Coleen and all the techs who responded...good info to know. I saw an online video months ago re: gel polish and the instructor did a full wet mani. I believe it can be done either way and whatever works for each nail tech works for them, although have noticed some techs are adamant about their helps so much to hear from other, more experienced techs Wink thanks again to all of you