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Full Version: May be coming back
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I am still a new nail tech and have tried two different salons and didn't work out. A salon owner apparently found out I might be looking again and sent me a message to call her. I haven't done nails or practiced at all since last November. I am a little skittish trying it again. As my husband said when one door closes a window opens. I'm thinking of giving her a call this week.
It sounds like a good thing ,if I was you I would try it and see
What do you have to lose? Give it a try.
Just a thought here... I read that you were a new nail tech.. I would give serious consideration to just doing mani and pedis. And do them well. Practice practice and did i say practice your nail enhancements ie hard gel or acrylic until they are salon quality Around 100 full sets and you'll get it. The reason I say that is because it will be hard to overcome negative reputation should you do sub par enhancements. Believe me been there done that. The bulk of my business is pedicures because I give a very good one ( at least thats what my clients say and I've built on referrals only.)
You don't mention what happened at the previous two salons. You want to shoot me an email [email protected] I'd be more that happy to help in any way I can.. P
I have to agree with Pensad. I worked in a full service salon and there were a few issues I should have worked through, but being old in age and new in nails, I wanted to hurry up and build so I could quit my full time job. I left and rented a spot for 6 months. Loved it until I couldn't make the rent. I got an offer to go back to the old salon. I am staying there. I only did manis and pedis and gel polish. I never even had enough practice hands for gels or acrylics. Oh well....I will take what I can get. I love it too much to not do it at all.

If I ever master the enhancements, I will be happy. If not, I am still doing what I love. Good luck.

Give it a try my dear...
When I first started out, I applied to 4 Salons untill I was hired.
Don't give up!!!!!
Yes, try try again. Being a natural nail tech is a great idea. Thats what I did in my current salon for 2 months while I honed my enhancement skills and worked on my speed and timing. We did nail bootcamp the hours that I didnt have clients and I can say, it helped a lot. I still work on my acrylics every day at the start of my day to try to perfect my skills. Keep me posted!! I STILL need a pedi girl..reaching these feet is exhausting LOL