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Full Version: Don't know what to do....
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Hey all

I am stuck between continuing with CND or changing to NSI.

Basically, it all comes down to money at the end of the day. I don't have it lying around and don't have many clients at the mo to justify any of it but here is what my dilemma is.

If I choose the CND Brisa Conversion course (I already have the l&p conversion) it will cost me £249, this includes the lamp and kit.

If I choose the NSI conversions (gel and l&p), the lady who does the courses has offered me both on the same day, as I already know what I'm doing, for £185.

What do I do?

I want to be using both systems with the same company.

ARGH, someone help please
What do you mean by "conversion courses". In US, you get your education from a school that is independent of product brand. When you have completed your classes and passed the tests you can buy whatever brand product you want.

I think it's sort of dishonest that in the UK it seems like product MFG. say you can only use their product if you pay them for the education. Like application would be so different between product mfgs.
Oh my and check out the training you can get via Gemma Lambert with Naio UK....
OMG love her vids!

I think some get too caught up in the "major' brands only and forget there are some wonderful lesser known vendors out there with just as high a quality as the CND's/OPI's/NSI's of the world....
just saying.... Smile