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Full Version: Best blank polish display/wheel
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Hi! I am going to update my gel polish colors on some kind of wheel/display. What are some good ones and where can I purchase them? I bought some wheels from sallys and they are garbage. Sooo thin and flimsy. I need durable one so my ladies don't snap them off!! Thank everyone ;-)
CND is coming out with a pre painted tip chart on clear tips next month. It will be available as part of the launch of their new Shellac rack and then will be on the website for purchase once the promo is over. It will have all 36 current colors, 7 layering options and some blank tips!
We have several to choose from here in the BeautyTech Shoppe.. wheels, tips on sticks and tips on rings..

(click to go to that department in the Shoppe)
[Image: SL7045G.JPG]