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Full Version: Nail Harmony
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I currently am in search of a new Acrylic Line. I have been using Creative for about 10 years now and don't like it anymore it's lifting on
some of my clients and does not hold up when I file and drill. So I ordered a kit from Nail Harmony and did my first full set with it today. Long story short I LOVED it! There was no strong odor from the liquid and it went on so smooth and had a nice finish. I'm not 100% sure if I'm sold though I have to see how the product holds up. I am such a creature of habit I hated to even think about a new product. What are you guys using... I want to try a few products before I make my final decision.
I have used CND forever,and even though I like it and the quality ,I am currently using Young Nails acrylic with fantastic results ! I may switch completely over by the end of the year. Their products are awesome!
I, too, have made the full switch to H&NH and LOVE it! I have had no lifting issues (even with some chronic lifters) and the L&P line is not ratio sensitive at all. The ease of this product actually got me back into using L&P, whereas at had switched completely to gel. And the new LED hard gels are just as great. The coverage pink in both the L&P and gel are great too. You will like it!
I'm so glad to read these comments!! I've been using Tammy Taylor for 15 years and I'm definately ready for a change. I've been debating between Nail Harmony and Young Nails, I've tried the Harmony and liked the application but I've not seen the product for the 2 week fill to see how it's held up.[/font]
I am using CND also,, and am having some lifting issues,, not terrible but i feel like my prep is above and beyond.. my pickiness gets it dont good,, but I have been having a few more lifiting than normal,,, and have used it for 5 years. so I was shopping around,, do they have a trial set you can get to try it,, before you invest in it?<<<<<I have had no lifting issues (even with some chronic lifters) and the L&P line is not ratio sensitive at all. >>>> after this statement by CC I was really interested.... so any info on this would be great!
I know that I had recieved a sample size before I made my purchase, so you may want to contact them.
Young Nails is the best for Acrylic. They also have a low odor and great lasting product. On top of that, the company is amazing. They are always able to answer all questions and concerns and if you do go to the shows they are there to help you.
Thanks everyone I did order Young Nails Acrylic and like it too. I think I like it a little better then Nail Harmony. And when I went to order the Nail Harmony again the distributor was sold out and there was no express shipping on either site I tried. I can see that being an issue. I got my Young Nails package fast and am very happy with the product. I want to try the Mani Q polish next!


I am an NSI girl. I have tried the sample of the Harmony acrylic and it was nice. I just like the way the NSI goes on and the colors of powder stay true. They have the whitest white. Its not gray in any way. And the intense pink, really is nice and intense. Not like others that are still very clear instead of pink clear. Not sure if that makes sense. I know NSI will send samples of the acrylic and gels. I love them both.
I used CND for years, too, but wanted to switch becauseof pocket lifting issues that just weren't getting solved. I tried a number of products, but I think I've settled on NSI for acrylic. I like the medium wet ratio--after so long with CND, I got used to it. and I like how they teach, with an emphasis on the science. I always loved that about CND, too. Give it a try!