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Full Version: Flared nails
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I have a client who loves the flared nail look..... Is there a company out there that sells a flared tip??
Absolutely.. right here in the BeautyTech Shoppe.. clear fan-duck bill tips..

Box of 100 pc. - assorted sizes 1-10, only $8 plus shipping
[Image: SL7066.jpg]
Republic Nails also has them and the African tips.
I get mine from ..because I order their glitters too, I like their tips the best because I get the 'short flared tips' ..personally, they look more 'flared' even if you cut them down. With the regular flared tips, once I cut them.. they almost looked like I didn't properly file them because they didn't have that definite flared look.
I know many say they don't like this shape but I love them and have seen many executed beautifully. =-)
I have one client asking for flare also....I didn't know where to order them.
Thanks for this post.