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Full Version: Orlando Show Worth It??
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Hi, I am wondering if the Orlando show is worth going to. I have never been before and I have heard that it is the best show for nails but, I don't know anyone personally that has gone. I have been to both the Long Beach ISSE Show and IBS in Vegas, is this one better than those??
Worth every penny..

See my reply here
Orlando is, Hands Down, THE BEST show to go to! It does not get better than that. Smile
The BIGGEST show in the country with MOST nail companies and classes dominating one end of the convention center. More to do in 2 days than you'll ever have time for . . . absolutely the best!
It's IS the best. The heat's a bit overwhelming but it can be dealt with, lol.

i've been once, and I want to go back at least once more.
75 classes on nails. Most included in the price of the ticket. I would not miss it!
Hands down....YES!
I'm thinking about going and don't have a roommate yet.... Let me know if you want to stay together. I was thinking the Hilton Grand vacation at seaworld....