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Full Version: OPI/ Structure
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I just tried using Structure with my OPI gelcolor application tonight. Has anyone else tried this ? If so ,how well did it work ? I know we are not supposed to mix lines ,but sometimes ,ya just have to use all the tools in your tool client ,a regular, new to gel polish ,was informed beforhand...
I mix Gelish & OPI line fine..
Entity seems to hold up too

I use OPI Base & top & the Gelish/Entity colors
But I am thinking of going back to Gelish Top it off
The gelish top coat is the best... I don't think I could sway, away from it
A little off subject ,but I am removing Pompeii Purple from my palette ,and at this point ,I probably will not add anymore OPI Gelcolors to my color selection....Pompeii Purple is very problematic ,and literally just peeled off the ends of my acrylic clients nails....prepped correctly ,sealed correctly ,redone ,still same issue...GARBAGE ! Sad
I told u !!!!!! Everyone wants to push these issues under the rug and 'act' like there are no makes more sense for OPI to fess up to the problems and try to offer a solution than how they (didnt) handle it. We can expect priblems..its part of life-- but at least man up about it and dont patronize us-- the professionals--- and act like we dont know what we are talking about. The last salon i workes at the OPI rep actually replaced the entire first part of the collection for us and brought me new top coats because she knew their were issues. Lincoln park is another junk color. It pools so bad, terribly steeaky...just aweful. If they cld get the consistency of all the colors good it wld be a fabulous line....until then there are many more lines out there to chose from........
Lexibunny, maybe it needs the tackiness of the base coat in order to adhere. The base layer is like 2 sided sticky tape and maybe there are some colors that just don't stay we'll unless they have that base coat first. I dont know if you are already doing that.
In case anyone cares. OPI Axxium SOG in Lincoln Park After Dark is really pretty. Goes on nice and it's such a rich color. It's in a pot though and you need a brush to put it on.
ohh maybe i will go trade my gel color in for the axxium. I dont care if they are in pots or not..thanks for the tip!!!!