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Full Version: Files that everyone uses
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Hello everyone, I would love to know what files everyone uses on customers. I am looking into backscratchers septi files bc you just throw them out after use. What other disposable options are there? Also, what non-disposable file do you use that are santitizable? Thanks!!
I use septi-files and love them! At the end of each service I throw away the grit in front of my clients so that they know each file is new and safe. They appreciate it!

I love the ProSticks from the Nail File Store. I love Septi-Files too but they've gotten way spendy. The ProSticks are more economical. The last time I ordered each 50 pack had a file handle with it. Bonus!
Tammy Taylor Disposable- throw away the grits and disinfect the board.
I also use Backscratchers and love them. I tried ProSticks, but the edges are super sharp and I have actually cut clients when using them. I tried seasoning the sides, but on very busy days I have forgotten and cut my clients. I wish Backscratchers weren't so expensive...we go through a lot of them!
Young Nails washables ,their diamond file, and a fresh arbor band for each client...
I third prosticks. The edges can be sharp, but i always file down the sides and havent cut anyone but myself in quite a while. I wanted to love the TT ones, but the board was way too thick to get in the sidewalls sometimes.
Light Elegance Perfect Files. I use them once and give it to the client at the end of service.
I use files I get from Nailite. Very inexpensive for throw away.
I only use Backscratchers, my clients love seeing me put on a new one for each service and take it off and throw it away in front of them when I am finished. The only problem I have noticed is that they do leave a sticky residue that is annoying and after washing and disinfecting them over and over again they tend to weaken and break in half.