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Full Version: OFF TOPIC but what self tanning system is the best
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Sorry but I didn't know any other pros that use self tanner. I'm using fake bake right now and its just not working for me. Any product advice would be great. Thanks
I use one called "sun" by Giesee. Gives me a great color, and it looks like chocolate syrup so u never miss a spot. The white lotions are much harder to use in my opinion. Hth
Thanks so much. Is it a pro product ? Or is it sold in stores or just online. The only other brand I've used is amber lynn from peels


I have used sun and it's very nice. I also really love Toma's tan. You can get it at Sally's. It was originally sold on tv only. It's like sun as in the already chocolate color so you don miss. But up much more affordable. I cant sit in the sun so I use toma's in the summer.
Thanks so much sobeit. I'm having the same issue with the sun and beds I'm geeting hives so I'm going to sunless tan and wear sunscreen all summer. I'm going to head to sallys and get some
I've been using Tan Towels I got thru QVC. They work pretty good, not too dark, just gradually get tan. They are like those wipes you get in a restaurant when you eat ribs!
I have had a spray tan done with Fantasy Tan products, that was very nice and natural looking. Finding something that looks natural is hard do with my very fair skin.
There are several options for different shades in that line too.
I mix Bare Essentials Faux Tan with Loreal Sublime. A squirt or so each on the end of a large, longer handle kabuki makeup brush, applied in a circular motion. Add more product for each area...the faux tan mostly washes off when you shower ,but the sublime leaves behind a nice tan. If you want darker ,reapply the next day ,etc. Both products are colored ,so you can see where you have put it.


I use FAKE BAKE which you can now get a CosmoProf. It is an AMAZING tan. I find that a lot of self tanners and spray tans can feel sticky after. This is the only product I am ok with going out after applying.

They have a really inexpensive spray tan system too that you can buy with the airbrush, comes with 2 litres of liquid and some other disposable stuff. Oh and the pop up tent of course. That is what we are using at our spa. It is amazing. Smile
Love Amber Sun, manufactured by Rick Norvell:
Awwwww you didn't like Fake Bake?? Surprised! First company to introduce a color to the product so you can see how it goes on. Anyway, have you tried Fake Bake's Flawless? Totally awesome and even better than their original formula. Spray it on a mitt, they provide, and it just glides on your skin and gives you instant color. After some practice of using it with a mitt you can just spray it in a gloved hand and apply that way.

LUV, LUV, Luv Flawless!! Hehe, can ya tell I Luv it!! Smile
Hi BornToBling, what kind os spray system do you use. I have a spray tanning airbrush system but I have to find a good solution. Any recommendations?
Being Australian and living near the beach I am fastidious with my fake tan. Of those I have used, two stand out, St Tropez (which you can buy pro and non pro) and Vani-T (pro).

Off topic but I have to ask:

What is a "master painter" in CND terms?
I have never heard of this term and I'm curious Smile