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Full Version: **Some nail pics!!
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Here are some nails I have done, some are natural nails with gel polish (the french ones|) others are acrylic and others some designs..
[Image: P4110057.jpg]
[Image: P4110060.jpg]
[Image: P4120062.jpg]
[Image: P4240011.jpg]
[Image: P4240012.jpg]
[Image: P4240013.jpg]
[Image: P4240014.jpg]
[Image: P4240016.jpg]
[Image: P4240017.jpg]
[Image: P4240013-.jpg]
[Image: P4240018.jpg]
[Image: P4240019.jpg]
Hi Kristina, Your doing lots of beautiful nail art!
Wow!.... beautiful work... love your art work...
AmaZing! Great Job! Smile I have a week left of class, I only hope to have a little of this artistic & creative ability in a year or so. You inspire me. Keep up the fabulous work.
Thank you so much!
Misty-I hope we will soon see your nail pics!We are all inspired by eachother in here!
Your customers must have a hard time to chose they are so pretty