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Full Version: Gel top coat for Airbrush....
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Hello!! I have not posted in forever! but I wanted to get back into airbrushing, I just hate cleaning it!! haha! Any who since I have been out of the Airbrushing scene I was wondering if they have made a top coat that is not polish (air dry) based? Anything that can hold up longer like a gel top coat? Iam also a Dental assistant and one of the front desk girls swears they apply gel top coat over her airbrush.....I assume its a nss and they did not communicate well.Or either in Fact there is such thing! lol!! Any onfo!? Thanks a bunch!
Bump, I have this client today...I dont know what else to do!? go into random salons and ask LOL!!
You can use a gel topcoat over air brush as long as the acrylic paint is completely dry. If not, it will peel. I like NSI glaze and go..