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Full Version: Efile Buffer...NEED help
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Hello, so I had a client request for her nails be buffed to a shine....I obviously know how to with a hand buffer, but I have seen it with an E-file and cream which I have. This client said this is how her old Tech did it as well, and of course I dont want her to go back to her old tech haha so Iam trying hard to figure out a way. Now I have the attachments (big round shammy looking thing that goes into my e-file) and I bought buffing cream.....BUT the problem is when I use the two together on top of a filed nail acrylic or gel it does not buff to a shine. DO I need another step in that process? do I need to hand buff first then use the efile shammy buffer? I have no clue, and am a little upset I dont already know this hahaha....Huh any help or point to a video or tutorial would be awesome!! THanks everyone!Big Grin
PS: I have tried YouTubing it and cant find anything, Im sure my search is wrong.
I have used one of those chamois attachments to buff acrylics. Got it to a high shine w/o the buffing cream. But before you offer this as a service, check your state regulations, as chamois buffers are illegal in some states, because you can't sanatize them.
Interesting thank you! I have the attachment but with or with out the cream they dont shine....
I'm not sure how it works on gel. Are you using a buffer block before you use the chamois?