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Full Version: glow in the dark acrylic
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Hello all! Does anyone know where to get a good "gitd" acrylic that really glows in the dark, but is clear in the day? TIA..Take care.
Tuff Enuff Nails, I believe, has an additive that you can add to your acrylic that will make it glow in the dark. I remember buying some from them in the past.
I've purchased the glow in the dark powders and added them to the acrylic. I've always used colored powders but there are some that come in "day" colors, there is a white. The brightest and best charging is the greenish glow, the other colors do not last as long
The best I have purchased was from Ready-set-glo, but getting info and customer support is not what it was, the supplies offered are erratic.
I don't remember was my second best selection was, if you are interested I can pull out my notes

I was going to put of pics of the glow 3d flowers, but I don't see a link for adding a picture...