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Full Version: How do I attach a picture to a post?
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How do I attach a picture to a post?
The image needs to be online somewhere, say photobucket, picasa or facebook.. copy the web address (URL) click the image icon right above the message box and paste it in there
It should now look like:
[ img ] image link here [ /img ]
(remove the spaces from the tags: [img] )
When I go to facebook I can't find the url. I click on the pic. and it opens up a seperate window to show the pic. I right click and nothing to indicate url. What am I missing? I'm not exactly the most computer savvy person in the world!
A little complicated from Facebook, but I'll try to explain.. the other option - I see you have your own domain.. you could load the image there and put use that one:
it would end up something like:

From Facebook, bring up the large view of the image..
If you use Firefox browser, they make it easier.. right click the image and choose copy image location
If you use Imternet explorer, righ click the image and choose properties.. here is where it gets wierd though Smile using your mouse, highlight the sectiom that says Address (URL) - starting with https:// pull your mouse down till you have highlighted it ALL.. all the way to the .jpg part. You wont see the .jog part at forst, but when you start to drag the mouse down you will.. when its all highlighted, right click choose copy.. its really long and strange looking Smile

Now come back to the post and right click PASTE in the Image popup box..

this is one from you FB page
[Image: 524310_380767898635169_366160546762571_1...8158_n.jpg]