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Full Version: NOTD: What's on your nails today?
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Hi girls! I'm new here! Nice to meet you all!
I want to share some nail art photos with you all, hope you will like! Today’s photo!
[Image: 2012041801.jpg]
Photo by VeryEmily
Do you like this color?
Masterworks hard gel with gelish June Bride over it. I think these are going to be my NOTD for a few weeks lol..Also, your link isnt active so I can't give you my opinion..


I finally polished my nails for the first time in a very long time. Some Zoya with a little muppets collection glitter on top. Even got a pretty picture! Only one hand is shown though, since the other is taking the picture Smile

[Image: 578385_10150663024070855_514655854_97985...9600_n.jpg]


[Image: light-1-1.jpg]
I used China glaze purple, Zoya Pandora, and OPI dulce de leche for these.
Mani-q base and top.
Manicure with IBD's Just Gel polish. Three coats of Moraccan Spice (that's not spelled right - but you get the drift).
[Image: IMG_20120420_211014.jpg]
Not even close to perfect but they look great if i move my hands fast in the sunlight. lol


Cindy, those are awesome!