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Full Version: DD Designfx help.
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I bought these DD bling designfx. Very pretty in the package. I go online to watch the tutorial from DD. I am usually very savvy, and my nailtech skills of 19 years should be enough. Its not. My nails are curved nicely, and have a good c curve to them. Not a single one of these effects fit my nail properly. So I go to the next larger size and nope. I need to use the thumbs for my ring fingers? Really? OK so then I cannot smooth it. It will not conform to the shape of my nail. At all. This set I bought are a nude color shimmer, with little flat bling stones all over, or down one side. There is no way to cut and apply to just part of my nail as the fx sheet itself is too thick looking at the edge. Am I missing something here?
Oh, those are my nails in my avatar. They are bigger than most peoples I see. I love my nails more than most things, LOL. Are there just shapes that do not work with these appliques?