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Full Version: Fun Free Activity Ideas?
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The spa has decided to do some proactive work and get out to some festivals in the community. There are a few that we will pay for that we are able to sell product and services at, but there is one that is free for us to participate at, and therefor we are not allowed to sell anything.

We still want to participate, but they suggest having a few activities for kids and others that are free, anybody ever done this? I wouldn't mind a few ideas to pass along to my boss and see if I can make happen.

Thanks ladies!!
Facepainting? Kids love that!
Along with face painting, you can also do some temporary body tattoos on kids. Have a few free raffles/giveaways for people to enter to win a service at your spa, that way to promote your business and contribute to the festival. You should have several raffle drawings at every hour or 2 hours, so you generate a steady flow of people to your booth, which will in turn give your spa some exposure. Make sure to tell them stick around at the drawing time to claim their prize (gift certificates of course) You can also add products along with the gift certificates, however do not give away product hampers without a gift certificate for your spa, if you do so, it defeats the purpose of promoting your spa as winners will appreciate the products but forget about your spa.