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click THIS.. win STUFF...
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Pro-Kit Acrylic
Value $89.50
Courtesy of Tres Chic Nails
Deadline for entry: April 20, 2012 midnight EST

Did you WIN STUFF? CLICK HERE to find out!

Upcoming click THIS.. win STUFF schedule
CinaPro Nail Creations Kits - Glitter Garden, Crowned Jewels, Cabaret, Morning Glories
Value $23.98
Courtesy of
Deadline for entry: May 4, 2012 midnight EST
Tammy Taylor 3-D Nail Art & Design Kit
Value $171.10
Courtesy of Tammy Taylor Nails
Deadline for entry: May 18, 2011 midnight EST
NSI Polish Pro Color Collection
Value $89.70
Courtesy of NSI Nails
Deadline for entry: June 1, 2012 midnight EST
NAILQOUTURE by Catherine Wong
Value of $149.95
Courtesy of Catherine Wong
Deadline for entry: June 15, 2012 midnight EST
Soft Landings Towels & Squares
Value $26.45
Courtesy of Soft Landings Towels
Deadline for entry: June 29, 2012 midnight EST
Nubar Polka Dot & Jelly Beans Collections
Value $ TBD
Courtesy of NUBAR
Deadline for entry: July 13, 2012 midnight EST

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Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?