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Full Version: LED and UV lights bad rap info needed
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Ive had a slew of customers just this week come and say they heard on tv shows or read in magazines that UV and LED lights are bad for you. I know this has been in the news for quite some time but I haven't seen any of the shows or read any of the articles. Was wondering if anyone had any info they could share with me, the bad and the good, so I know what to tell them to reassure that they aren't in danger? Thanks!

Here is Doug Schoon's info if you have not seen it. Maybe this will help.Smile
Oh geez..meee too.
Actually my mom called in concern about it. Of course from some ignorant news program
that & the toxic 3 (which all my stuff is free from)
I said mom u get more UV exposure hanging your arm out the window in your car than in my LED 10,20, 30 sec light unit
I was like Mom, I am aware no worries..thanks for the concern Wink
Yep I got the Toxic 3 question too. So annoying!! I tell them the same thing Sue. I always offer that if they are concerned they can go back to natural far no takers. : )
Thank you Nail Junky!