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Full Version: i purchased opal jewlery from nufho, plz tell me how to use it so it looks like a opa
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i just ordered this stuff from nufho, i have been using glitter for years but when i got this it is much smaller in texture than the pix showed. I realize i will have to encase it in clear acrylic or gel on a nail base color of my choice, but im puzzeled as to how to get it to look like a real opal......................i ha several colors pink, blue, green white yellow, after looking at them under my magnifying glass they look like dust from real gems from all the fire in each color.....has any one gotten them , i mean for 6dollars a mini bag i dont want to waste it.................................thanks as always vickie priddy wv
I've not seen this before..... Do you have a link to it or pictures of it?
Catherine Wong did a demo nail on me a few years back using this product. From memory, I believe she picked up a clear bead of acrylic on her brush, then dipped it into the opal gems, applied to the nail and shaped it in an oval so that it looked like a gemstone on top of my nail. She then applied gold bullion around it. It was stunning.