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Full Version: Brisa cured in Harmony 9G lamp
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So a fellow Nail tech and I were playing around today and thought that we would try curing some different gels (UV gels) in the Harmony LED lamp that I have. We found out that all of my CND Brisa Gels cured as well as the LCN white Sculpture Gel. We tried Amore Bonder, no go. IBD, it didn't work either.

I know that i am going to get a lot of flack for this but I am actually wearing a Brisa Extension on one of my nails so that I can see how it holds up. I am going to try doing a fill with this method on a client this week. I will keep those of you that are interested in the loop.

Not trying to upset people we were just messing around playing mad scientist.
I attended a seminar by Doug Schoon at the Toronto ABA a couple of weeks ago. He talked about this. Gels are either undercured, overcured or properly cured. At 50% cured, they are hard enough to file, but they are not properly cured. He also talked about flash curing, and that it can lead to service breakdown and overexposure. He said what we all know to be true; use the light recommended by the manufacturer, for the proper curing time. I am just passing along the information Smile