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Full Version: BOXING nail art
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Hay all, does anyone have a pic or tuterial for any type of BOXING/TAPOUT nail art........
Good luck Ann! I just looked them up on YouTube and I could only find two. I hope someone can help you!
Yah I am having the same problem.... Thanks for the try!!! XXOO
I would go for gloves, belts and some of those cartoon "Kapow", "Smack", etc.
If you are good at free hand painting, just google 'tap out logo' and paint whichever image you or your client would like. You can maybe do it in a mural effect, begin from the index finger and paint parts of the design on each nail down to the pinky, or make an accent nail with the tap out logo diagonally on one nail.
if your free hand painting skills are not too good, use tiny dots to form the word tap out and add rhinestones around it.