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Full Version: Clients That Bring Their Own Products
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We all have clients that bring a favorite polish color at times and that is really no big deal. I still charge the same for a mani.
Last week one of my clients that "found" me after a 5 year absence from my town ( I worked and had a business in a town about 15 miles away.) Came in for a mani and pedi. She gets her hair done at the salon but nails elsewhere until now. She bought a bottle of Shellac with her. The other salon uses that brand, but she went on Amazon and bought a kit with everything. She was saying how she was going to try to do her own. Well, she asked me if I would use her Shellac on her and since it was Easter, I did. Then she decided to have her toes done with it. Being a nice person and knowing what can happen I told her about keeping it off the skin and a couple other tips. When sh was back in the stylist's chair she told her that she might just try to sell me her stuff because it seemed harder to do than she thought.
Here is my thing. I used my base and top coat, my lamp, and my knowledge to do this service. I discounted her because I used her Shellac. As an afterthought, I think why should I give anyone a discount when they bring in their own gel polish...I am nowthinking that I should have charged extra for using her Shellac that came from Amazon. Your thoughts, please.Huh
If someone wants to bring in something I don't have for me to use on them, I will but I don't discount. I'm still using my time to apply it and lets face it, that's the biggest cost of getting nails done...our time. The products cost us pennies to use.
Agree with previous poster. I charge the same amount no matter if they bring their own items or not. But I also tell them I can not guarantee my service since I am using items that I don't know where they came from or know they are legitimate products.
I don't discount if someone brings in their own polish. Most of the time it's thick like glue and I have to struggle with it, so why should I charge any less? If it's too thick, I won't use it.
And I would not use someone's "Shellac" either. How do you know what's in that bottle? And if it turns out badly, who are they going to blame?
No. Discounts. Ever.

I'm more concerned about this client's presumption that you'd train her to do her own nails . . .
I never discount....ever!
If you don't like the colors/products I have that's fine. But don't expect me to give you a discount because of it.
My time is precious. Period.
this is an old post, I know ...and I didn't read every single response completely - but have to just say ...I DON"T use anything chemically based that a client brings me, by that I mean: hair color, perm & I guess that might include gel polish - okay with hair spray, shampoo or nail polish. But a key factor in the procedure itself, that I cannot attest to, I can't do. I will entertain a request for a special product or gel color ...sometimes an extra charge may apply
My first thought was what Jamie said!
And if someone wants a discount,they know where they can get them!