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Full Version: Color Display Discs
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Maybe I have missed it while shopping online, but does anyone know where to get the color wheels that sample your colors and art ? My local Cosmoprof is hit or miss ( usually miss ) , snd even when they have them there is only a single one ,or maybe two if I am ! Smile
Sally's and i think premiernailsource.
I bought the fan shaped color tips from Tony Nails - reasonable priced and each holds 50 tips. I just got these and love that there's plenty of room to write the color names and you can take them apart and insert new colors as you get them, that way you can group like colors so that all the pinks are together etc.
We stock several choices right here in the BT Shoppe..
Tips on a Ring
Color Display Tips
Color Wheels
Oooh ,Candice AE ,thank you for the Tony nail suggestion ! They have just what I need....Smile