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Full Version: Pterygium inversum inguis?
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Ok got a client who has all of a sudden got 3 nails that are showing signs of this disorder. Has been a client for many years. Let's say it's an allergy. I use CND Solarnail powder as a general rule but this time I got Color Perfect powder. Same Retention liquid same primer. Could it be the change in powder? One nail is sore the others are not. She says it may have been 3 weeks or a month since it started and that was her last fill in time. Would it happen that quickly if it was allergy? Thanks guys,
Pterygium inversum unguis

Google search finds it related to stroke and systemic diseases such as lupus.

My understanding of allergic reactions is that they are not going to take weeks or months to show signs. It may take weeks or months to develop but not show in this way.