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Full Version: Toxic Polish??
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Saw this on Yahoo News. Feelings/Thoughts??
I've never heard of the brands tested, and I tried to Google two of them and couldn't come up with a solid website with information about them. Sketchy products will have sketchy things in them. [Offtopic, but,] you can only wonder what they BlueSky Shellac junk has in it...

Quote:Among the products tested that the state says were mislabeled were: Sation 99 basecoat, Sation 53 red-pink nail color, Dare to Wear nail lacquer, Chelsea 650 Baby's Breath Nail Lacquer, New York Summer Nail Color, Paris Spicy 298 nail lacquer, Sunshine nail lacquer, Cacie Light Free Gel Basecoat, Cacie Sun Protection Topcoat, Golden Girl Topcoat, Nail Art Top-N-Seal and High Gloss Topcoat.
Another reason NOT to hate OPI nail polish. A high quality, well recognized brand. When the public/customers see OPI bottles, I think there is a certain comfort in knowing your getting a major brand that stands behind their products and don't use sketchy ingredients.

Yeah, the products tested in the article I've not heard of.
Yeah I feel the same way in regards to high quality, recognized brands! I have never heard of any of those listed and couldn't find much info on them either.
I'm far more jaded and skeptical. Business is business. The concept of "the bottom line" is not lost on businesses, including the much beloved OPI--especially over the work it took to convince OPI, one of the last major brands, to go 3-free even when the EU division is already producing 3-free versions. I'll leave that to the experts to debate.

The misleading labels, on the other hand, cross the line.

Witch hunt, again.
I question what the article had to say about large amounts of the chemicals. What does that mean? How much is that and how can you have large amounts in a small bottle of nail polish?
Polish tasted better with the "toxic trio."