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Hello ladies! I am starting a new nail business and just created a new Facebook page. I would love you to stop by and check it out (it's still in progress but the basics are there, lots of sections). Would love some feedback/suggestions and even a "like" if you feel so inclined. Thanks I really appreciate it! Smile

Here is the link:
Looks great! Just one suggestion, I noticed you have a picture of gelish color block art. I actual read the nails mag "from the editors" blog that this pic came from earlier. I feel as its not your own work you really need to quote your source as not only is it misleading, it's also unfair to the original nail artist and I believe it also might be copyright infringement or something along those lines.
Nicely done Leeanne !
I like your FB page Leeanne!!
i liked it and couldnt resist sharing the gelish color chart.