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Full Version: Salon Policy Posters @ BeautyTech Shoppe
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Get your point across in the written word,
either with a little giggle or quite seriously.

Downloadable & Printable - full size 11x17 posters for your salon. Priced at just $5 each (not including printing), these easy to read posters display your policy to everyone in the salon.

[Image: btp_Bp3.jpg]
All the posters are perfectly preformatted (175DPI CMYK color) & sized for upload & printing at Vistaprint. Pin the posters directly to the wall in the reception area, or pick up a 12x18 poster frame in your local craft store.

Custom backgrounds/wording or adding your logo is available upon request for a small additional fee, please use the Contact Us form.
These look good. I would love a 24 hour cancelation policy or you may be asked to pre pay for your next appointment or something like that.
thanks, glad you like them!

OK I will work on that one next..
(04-11-2012, 09:12 PM) Wrote: [ -> ]thanks, glad you like them!

OK I will work on that one next..

Your wish is my command.. 2 wording choices, 3 background choices..

Cancellation/No Show Policy Posters
[Image: btp_Bc2.jpg]

Need one for "no cell phones and texting" due to the nature of the service. I have never know how to word this.
Jennie.. this one is a little harder to get worded properly.. I started it but I'm not happy with it just yet..

I angonized over the wording, but I think I like it now..