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Full Version: Nail Talk Radio: A-Ten-Hut!
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Nail Talk Radio
Next Show: 04/09/12
Special Guest: Gino Trunzo

"I don't know what you've been told...
Our man Gino will make you gold...
Twenty years experience...
Gino Trunzo is serious...

Basic training you will get...
Lots of nail techs will be met...
Learn to 'be all you can be'
Our next show will make you see."

Gino Trunzo, known as the "Spa Guru", has visited, consulted, and trained at spas all over the world. What amazed him during his travels was how high-end spas didn't quite know what to do with the nail area and services. This led him to pioneer the small boutique style nail salons & spas that are popping up all over major cities today.

He owned and operated one of Los Angeles most prominent nail salons, Rescue Hand & Food Spa. This is where Naja, NTR co-host began her nail career. His concluding words during Naja's interview were, "Stick with me, I'll make you a star."

Join us to get to hear Gino's recipe for success and his list of the 3 biggest mistakes nail techs make that destroy their businesses.


Listen here:

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Miss the show last week? School was in session with CND's Global Education Ambassador, Fee Wallace. Click the link below to get schooled!