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Hi, girls ! Has anyone heard of these or done them ? It is nail art where the finished nail looks like masses of tiny beads...they are pretty cool ,I have not done any ,but a girl I work with is doing them. The owner and few others she applied it to said don't bother doing them ,it comes right off as soon as you shampoo someone ,or wash your hands.I said it sounds like they were not sealed ,but all of them were adamant that she said you do not topcoat them ,the beads just stick to the gel color. Personally ,to me it makes no sence not to seal ,or topcoat your design ...again ,they assured me that she said they do not get top coat. To me this was a no brainer ,but what do I know ,lol...what are your thoughts ,and have any of you done this without topcoat ?
Sooo curious....anyone???? ,lol Smile


I haven't tried it. I saw it courtesy of a facebook link from Erindoesnails. Smile and I love it. I watched a few times and I feel like a junky that needs to get my CC out for ordering. I agree about the top coat thing, and I would do it with regular polish like out the door to make removal easier. I dont know how they get removed though. They are so tiny and so stunning. I want. Did I mention I want? LOL
Sobeit- I'm curious now, do you still have that link so I can see what these 'caviar' nails look like?
Looks like a craft project, that you can do at home lol
The video I saw was you tube ,and it was an Australian girl ,I think ,promoting a salon or product or something, Cachet or something like that....sorry ,brains are mush at the moment. I just googled it...
Ohh that's pretty! I have some tiny little green beeds that look like that by Martha Stewart. Looks like I may have to experiment this weekend! Smile

I do agree though, that the nails need a top coat.
I think I read the reason for not doing topcoat is that it dulls out the color of the beads & changes the look a bit.
let me see if I can find the link where I read this..Wink
That makes sence to me ,Suestation ,but I don 't think it will stay on without it....
Yeah, can't find the article Sad
there was a compare pic there too. one with top & one without

I'm gonna hopefully try it on my toes for fun. I have a wedding this weekend & will try it on myself first. I just have to head on over to the craft store.
If I do it I will report back to my BT peeps
I wonder if gel topcoat would look better than regular clear?
I know Gel topcoat make glitter look much shinier & better than regular polish topcoat. I will try on a sample nail of the difference too
I use Seche Vite as a topcoat
YAY! more nail playtime
I think I'll order this. It could be great for Proms and Special Evenings. You think I'll find it at IBS?
I'm heading out to the craft place in a few..I don't have the time to drive to my nail store..not unless Sally has something similar
k, so I tried it last night on my toes. I used the silver beads with Gelish Night Shimmer (light silver color)
Well not easy to do yourself on toes.. did not come out as I hoped but I was also very tired & rushing..But they are hanging on strong so far & look super cute & shiny in my BFF saw them today & loves them (in other words she wants them at her next appt)..LOL
I did buy the beads at Michael's. I got 2 $6.99 packages so I have allot of color choices & figured at that price they are good to have on hand.

I applied base & 3 color coats cured. Applied topcoat & then sprinkled the beads on top of the uncured gel, positioned the beads & then cured. I then did a light wipe down with alcohol. The beads did not come off & the color was not changed or dulled.

I also did a sample wheel of one applying a top coating on top of the beads...BAD IDEA! It looked horrible & just like a lumpy nail. totally ruined the look entirely
I took some pics so I will try to load up as soon as I can
i have a bunch of steel think they would work?
I found this kit, although for the price of shipping, I'd have to order WAAAY more than this!

Premier also has glass beads
i did not like gave it to the kids to play with. I like the velveteen better. on Sam Biddle website better.