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Full Version: New Lamp?????
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Happy Easter! I am a happy Gelish and Shellac tech, but really would like to try the new OPI gel polish. I am also considering a new lamp. Right now, I use my CND UV lamp that I got when I purchased my Brisa gel. Would love to get a lamp that cures all of my products. I recently saw a lamp that was both UV and LED. Anybody tried it or something similar? Recommendations? Favorites? Thanks, everyone..

never did try it who is it by?
(04-08-2012, 10:17 AM)delores Wrote: [ -> ]never did try it who is it by?

Don't know!! I forgot. That's what I was hoping someone knew!!! I think I saw it in my "Nails" mag, but can't find it now. LOL

I think it's by Starnail. I haven't tried it yet.