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Full Version: Buyers Remorse...
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Ever bought boat loads of product ,then thought ,OMG , who am I going to use all this beautiful stuff on ? Coming from someone who used to have to juggle aopointments to fit people in , had kids ,and now has to wonder how to fill the gaps...
Yep, just dropped another load of cash buying more product b/c I have a addiction now to OPI Gel Color. Not that I don't have over 80+ colors in Gelish, Entity etc... 13 more colors & counting LOL
Yep. I'm a product junkie but rehab is helping.
my new love is Bogota BlackBerry..thanks to reading about how fab the color was on this tech board Smile
I bought 7 new OPI Gel Colors today..I need serious rehab!


All the time. I think we see all the new nail candy and we need it. We dont care if we ever have a client to use it on, we want it. I use it on myself and my family.
Whew ! What a relief ! Was really thinking I have serious issues ,lol ! It is a comfort to know that I am not the only product junkie ...Smile