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Full Version: Salon Owners: Your dream and when did it start?
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I have a dream to open my very own nail bar one day, I just wanted to hear from some of you salon owners about when your dream to open a shop started, what made you start thinking about opening a shop and how you made it happen.

I wont be able to do it for a few year, but I am already think about it all the time, non stop. I'd just love to hear about your experiences, the ups and downs and everything.

Thanks! Can't wait to hear about your personal experiences! Smile
Hi there I always had a love for nails as a child but I could only live that dream out when I got laid off from my job, and at that moment my husband encouraged me to open my nail salon which I have been running for the past 10 years, sometimes you have to get a bad break to live out your dream and that is what happened to me.
I have been doing nails for 15 years and always worked on commission and part time. Last year I knew it was time I felt I gained enough experience and was comfortable with the idea of going out on my own. I researched for months and searched for a small space for me and possibly one other person. I have a private location and have only been open 3 months and have been doing very well. Which shocked me because I just knew I would be sitting twiddling my thumbs for months. My suggestion is prepare and be ready, only buy what you need. I actually bought things before I opened and collected them over time so I wasn't spending so much money at one time.
Plan for your success by networking with successful salon owners. You'll discover that being busy does not necessarily equate with financial security, and many other realities of our business that aren't obvious . . .
I've been in the business world for 15 years and have a long sales and marketing background. I have wanted to venture out and start my own business for a long time, and my husband and I prepared for it by saving as much as we could and put it aside for start-up costs. I spent almost an entire year just researching everything I possibly could. Don't assume because you have worked in a salon and know nails you can run a business - that is the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make, whehter it's this or a restaurant or whatever. You need to understand profit margins, revenue streams, tax liabilities, etc. Also put a marketing plan in place - most importantly! The more you know up front, the more likely you will be to running a successful business. Set a goal for yourself to save $XX and try to take some business classes - the SBA has a ton of free ones online or in person, depending on where you live. When we finally put a goal date in our heads, it was amazing how fast the time went by and how much we got done in that time. I am now in the process of building out my salon and will be open within a couple of months!

Check out the Blueprints of a First Year Blog on Nails magazines website, you'll get good answers here on Beauty Tech but you will get a lot more detail there.