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Full Version: Does anyone use Harmony?
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Hi all

Does anyone use Nail Harmony L&P? I'm thinking of trying out a couple of companies to see what's good value and quality other than CND.

I'm in the UK so the companies need to distribute here.

Many Thanks
Angela Smile


I got a sample of their L&P and I really like it. Its fairly low odor and the liquid/powder ratio isnt too picky. It says about a 1:1 ratio though on the packaging.

I find it to be very smooth and have a decent amount of play time, I like it... Smile
I work with Harmony LP and I love it. Great color stability and very workable. I'd definitely recommend it.

We actually recommend a 2 to 1 liquid to powder ratio. You do get a lot of play time which is nice.


Oh! Thanks for the correct ratio! I'm sure that will help with my application Smile