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Full Version: Young Nails addiction and glitter...
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Purchased a YN kit about a month ago, totally love it and addicted to it ! I not only mixed the most gorgeous color to do pink/ whites ,but I have mixed clear with several of my glitters. My question is ,do you girls that do glitter tips and art with glitter acyril inn general ,do you find it more economical to purchase the glitter already mixed ,or do you prefer to mix your own...which one saves the most $$$ ?
I prefer to buy the glitter and mix my own - this allows far more custom blends and I mix in smaller batches (I use the YN clear jars and only fill about 1/2 when I mix a new color), which allows the glitter to last a long time. Also, when you have the glitters, they can also be added to gel polish designs or in gel nails.
Hi Candice,
Maybe im wrong but after i pick up my ac on my brush i dip it into the glitter depending on the amount of glitter i want. Iv never had any problems with the nails or the glitter.
Also i wanted to compliment you on your website! Its great!
Thanks Cindy! I suppose the only problem with dipping the acrylic in would be dropping the ball Smile Most of my glitter blends will have anywhere from 3-12 colors of glitter in them, I can't imagine having that many open and dip-dip-dipping lol. If it works for you, no one can really say it's wrong!
Lol Thats only a one glitter dip.. i misunderstood. i do have some glitters that i mix but i don't mix the ac in with them.
I use mostly fine glitter ,but have you ever mixed fine glitter with coarser glitter with good results ?
I mix both together all the time, but I only use gel and don't mix it in. The coarser glitter with the fine glitter seems to give it a bit more dimension and looks different than just using one type of glitter.
That was what I was hoping for ....I wanted some dimension and variation in texture. Thanks ,Sherrie ! Smile
One of my favorite mixxes is YN star sand,funkadelic and crushed pearl. All are different size glitters in different whites.
[Image: 101_9531.jpg]
I used them on this gelish color here.

How do you do this? It looks great! Do you apply the base and 2 layers of color and sprinkle the glitter then top coat? Or ???? Is this over acrylic or someone with great natural nails?
(04-06-2012, 10:36 AM)vacanaillady Wrote: [ -> ]Cindy-

How do you do this? It looks great! Do you apply the base and 2 layers of color and sprinkle the glitter then top coat? Or ???? Is this over acrylic or someone with great natural nails?

This client has those nail beds we all dream about! Smile This started off as sculpts in gel now its a gel overlay so no base needed. 2 coats of gel polish dont cure the sec coat and then sprinkle on the glitter mix then cure, then 2 coats of top coat then I lightly buff then a finish coat. These look gorgeous in the sunlight!
Cindy ,those look amazing in the picture ,they must be absolutetly stunning in the sunlight ! That is one of the things I love about Rockstar ,Glitter....blings ,and sparkles like twinkly diamonds in the sun...Smile
I mix my own glitter I have over 40 different mixes. I have the largest tub of clear and I mix it in bead containors. I love mixing different size glitters. I have a silver to die for
Once again, thanks for all the great responses ! You guys are the best ! Did it take you guys a, lot of advertising to get the glitter acrylic ,and Rockstar looks to catch on ,or did you just start wearing it ? I started wearing it mostly on my toes last summer ,but was not back in the salon at the time. Now I am back at the shop ,and hope that if I start wearing it on my fingers snd toes ,it will catch on. What do you usually up - charge for : glitter acrylic tips ( two tone ) ,rockstar gel polish fingers ,rockstar toes ? I think I will up charge $ 10 does that sound about right ? Just looking for a baseline ,and don't want to overcharge ,and certainly not under charge.
It really depends what your goal is. I wanted to do more RockStar nails than P&W's or polish look, so my full sets are all the same price - $65, which includes two colors or color & confetti. A P&W backfill is $50, a retip for new rockstar with two new colors is $50. I do have add-ons for things that cost more or take more time, like impressions, seashells, fimo, gel art, foil, etc.