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Do Asian salons ever hire non -Asians ? Just curious because I have never seen a non Asian nail tech in any.
There is one here who did. I'm not sure if she still works there or not.
Where I live they hire many mexicans.
Yup, I've seen it
yes they do. sometimes they are family owned in which you will see that they are all the same race. however they do, but many non-asian nail techs do not apply at their shops
(04-04-2012, 09:49 AM)lexibunny Wrote: [ -> ]Do Asian salons ever hire non -Asians ? Just curious because I have never seen a non Asian nail tech in any.
They do I worked at 2 different shops here is Hawaii, but, the only problem is 90% of them are not licensed. Now I work for an american shop and there is diffently a difference.

the place I go to for pedicures have some spanish girls there...
I have applied at a few without any luck on an interview
I live in Gulfport MS and here, (as i'm sure is the case most everywhere) there are FAR more asian nail salons than "american owned". To the point where you can hardly get a non-asian person to do nails here.
I was offered a job in an asian salon one day on the spot and when I turned it down (strictly based on language barrier purposes) she told me that if I EVER needed a job, to come to her first.
I guess it just depeneds on the owner...
I have worked in a vietnamese salon for the last 6yrs..But many asian salons will NOT hire outside of their culture..
You may find a few who are more americanized who will want other cultures
Many will get a spanish speaking tech if they are in a spanish-speaking area to help understand the customer
I just open new nail salon, and have no tech. I've post on Craigslist to find tech, I offer for 1 ped chair + 1 nail table rent for $500 ( include supply ), also offer commission 6/4 - tech/ salon.But no one come, finally I have to hire Asian Tech and do commission with them 7/3 - tech/ salon.
Wow!! No non-asian salon wld ever pay. 70/30 split....never..... i am struggling myself bcuz i just changed salons after being there going on 2 years....but it was a wake up call when june came and i had only made a little over $3000.... and i always build so fast and easy. But the owners never advertised or anytg.... so im at a new-new place. Its only been open about a year and a half.. shes doing groupons..and get this-- im only making $7.50 for an hour service of a mani/pedi combo!!!!! Im losing out so badly..
Well there is a fairly new asian salon that is advertising a salary of $3000-4000 a month for full time. Im sure that means mon-sat..all day. Which i wldnt work. But cld u imagine making that kind of money?? Im scared to be honest because they do things so differently. Anybody else work/worked for an asian salon and do u have any advice or feedback?? Sorry to have hijacked this thread....ive been wanting to ask this for a few weeks now. I just dont know what to do. The little Spa im currently at is totally my style/speed. But the asian salon is ideally what i need to be making considering im a single mother.....What to do ya'll ???? Thanks if anyone answers...
I've worked at 2 asian salons and it really wasn't all that bad the pay was good they had a surplus of clients and all I had to do was supply my pusher and acrylic brush
Really?? See i dont know why im so nervous..i guess im afraid they will be looking over my shoulder all the time and try to micro manage me. She seemed really nice. Ive just heard bad things about a cpl of the asian salons close by. So...did u get accustomed to their ways fairly easy?? She was telling me that they do fills while someone is getting their pedi. They have it set up that way. That wld take some getting used to...well im prob gona go talk to her tmrw...i need to make money. My loser ez husband lost yet another job so no child support for who knows how long....thanks for the input!!!
Im starting at a new asian salon this very excited & nervous...this will be my 3rd asian salon & i must say i really enjoy working at them..They really do things differently than we learn in school but i learn soo much
The one im starting this week wants to do 60/40 & i absolutely HATE that part but he supplying all the supplies & doing the used to 75/25 & i supply my own supplies since ive been in the bizness soo long..he said it will increase once i build a gonna try it for now but should i have pushed for the 70/30 a lil harder??
Oh & my advice to u is to do less talking & more working at da asian salon..they believe in getting work done quickly so u can get to the next customer..u will see on the weekend how folks will pile in quickly & u will want to get in as many as u can but still doing going gr8 work..i dont use a drill so im not as quick as them but i have learned to focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible, talk to my hand while im working..while still doing a great job.
Ive been working at another asian salon for the last 6yrs & I make very good $$ in a short period of time..but i had to learn to not be soo emotional bout nails..many people come becuz of the price & convenience of not waiting long for a service so they jus want "some nails put on" not necessarily a "perfect" set of nails like ur in a competition..
Good luck to u & lets keep each other posted on our progress at the new salons we are starting.
It irritated mr a little at first when they would speak to eachother in their native tongue but I got over it. There was never a shortage of clients I received hourly+ commission + tips so I couldn't complain they expect u to be fast and efficient n if u can do that you'll have no problems. The first asian salon I worked at all I did was natural nails and gel polish but with their pay system n the way I got the clients in and out I made a fair amount of money
In my area, I've seen a few lately that hire "non-asians" (i hate saying that...hopefully you know what I mean and no one takes offense) to do the nail art. Nail art is REALLY big hand, 3D, glitter and all that fun stuff. I don't know what the pay is for them though. I've heard that it is charged as an a la carte and the tech gets a percentage, but don't know what the split is or if that's true.